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Take your gaming setup to the next level with Devo Gaming Chairs! Designed with care to give you the highest level of comfort and luxury. Devo Gaming Chairs gives you the best experience not only for gaming but also for work, just relaxing or any other use. Devo Gaming Chairs will take whatever you want to do to the next level.

Note: The wheel base of the newer version of the alpha chairs are all solid black

Chair specification:


  1. Four direction armrest (up/down - Forward/rear - Side to side - rotate).
  2. Adjustable Height.
  3. Head support cushions.
  4. Back support cushions.
  5. Backrest recline Function.
  6. Maximum chair height with armrest 48 CM and the lowest 58 CM.
  7. Maximum weight is 180 KG
  8. Chair wheel base is custom design to handle more weight.
  9. 1 year warranty on all chair parts. 

Adjust the seat the way you want



Four direction armrest (up/down - Forward/rear - Side to side - rotate).


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