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This fits your. by entering your model number. Profesional Gaming Mouse DESIGN Putting the human back in interface devices. The first thing a gamer understands when they put their hand on a Fantech gaming mouse is not how powerful it is. but how nice it feels. Every button placement and every curve, on your mouse, was created to fit snugly with your hand. Unlike mass-market office-grade pointing devices. Fantech mice are designed with ergonomics that deliver above beyond what ordinary ones can offer. As such, ours go through rigorous testing with a wide range of hand shapes, sizes, and grip types to find what the best fit is for everybody. With every new Fantech gaming mouse we create we, we improve the ergonomics to continue to give you the most comfortable gaming experience WHAT'S YOUR GRIP TYPE? Our mice come in right-handed, ambidextrous or left-handed models - get the one that's most comfortable for you. LIGHTING EFFECTS FANTECH RHAST A II G13 IS DESIGNED WITH RGB LIGHT. SWITCHES MADE FOR DURABILITY EQUIPPED WITH 5 MILLION CLICKS LIFETIME SWITCHES MADE FOR EXTRA DURABILITY EVEN FOR EXTREME USING CONDITION WHILE ENSURING THEY STAY QUICK AND HYPER-RESPONSIVE 5 MILLION CLICKS 2400DPI ON-THE-FLY DPI SWITCHING BE READY IN AN INSTANT WITH DPI SWITCHING BETWEEN 800- 2(-100DPI. MAKE THE RIGHT MOVES IN ANY GAME SITUATION. SHIFT THROUGH MULTIPLE DPI SETTINGS FOR QUICKLY SELECTING ON-SCREEN OPTIONS OR SCANNING THE GAME MAPCUP TO 21-100DP0 OR DOWNSHIFTING TO MAKE PIXEL-PRECISE SNIPER TARGETING OR UNIT SELECTION 800DP0 USING CONVENIENTLY PLACED BUTTONS.

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