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*This product is limited edition and will not be available once it's finished*

RIG 500 PRO headset’s features include:

Premium 50 mm drivers for expanded frequency response.
Lightweight, adjustable die-cast metal frame and headband.
NACON logo marked inside the drivers, on the headband and frame.
RIG Game Audio Dial for fingertip audio control and a 3.5 mm connector with integrated volume control for the DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller or Revolution Pro Controller 2 controllers (via the included special adaptor).
A removable noise-cancelling microphone boom and flip-to-mute feature.
Removable audio cables that can be easily swapped or replaced.
Snap-in ear cushions that come in full fabric for maximum breathability or in dual material that balances comfort with ambient noise reduction.
Isolated acoustic chambers for reduced distortion.

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