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Designed specifically for Spaceland Zombies Glows in the dark Increases range of motion by up to 75% for improved accuracy Concave surface provides exceptional grip Ideal for use in close-quarters-combat Hunt the undead day or night! Designed in collaboration with Call of Duty and Infinity Ward, the limited-edition, glow-in-the-dark KontrolFreek Call of Duty Spaceland Zombies Edition is the perfect Performance Thumbstick to help you defend Spaceland from the horde! This is KontrolFreek?s first ever glow-in-the-dark thumbstick and a must-have for die-hard CoD: Zombies fans! These mid-rise (6.1mm*) CQC thumbsticks were designed specifically for the close-quarters-combat found in Spaceland Zombies, the new Infinite Warfare Zombies mode. KontrolFreek Spaceland Zombies increases your range of motion by up to 75% giving you an edge in hand-to-hand zombie combat for hours on end. KontrolFreek Spaceland Zombies? soft rubber-like thumbpad has a concave surface and features an elaborate design of Angry Mike, an alien from the ?Octonian,? or alien-themed section of the park. Angry Mike?s image is laser-etched into the rubber to give you maximum grip and detail.

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